September 26, 2012

I remember photographing them DAILY, trying not to miss a moment. Then they started growing up (way too fast) and life became busier than I could ever anticipate. I realized that there were long breaks where I did not photograph them at all. So in 2011 I created a goal to do one shoot a month with my own sons – even if it was just a quick one. I think I covered most months. What I didn’t capture with my camera, I made up for with my iPhone. Most importantly, I PRINT the majority of what I capture. Digital is great, but there’s nothing lovelier than an actual tangible print (in my opinion)! I’m very much excited to print the images shared in this post. Although my sons are a lot of fun and enjoy being silly, these images show a more quiet, thoughtful side of them (except one, who couldn’t hold it back).


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