September 06, 2011

We recently celebrated my oldest son’s birthday. We are so proud of him!

Tiona Fuller Photography | modern and fun lifestyle portraiture

  • Sonya

    I refuse to believe that he is 8 years old now!! Love the hat!

  • Tosha

    OMG these photos make me smile so hard!!! Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday!!!! TO mom too!

  • Gina

    Wow!! Looks like those balloons lifted him off the ground…how cool is that!! Beautiful smile! Happy 8th Bithday!!! =)

  • I seriously can’t believe how big he’s gotten. Time is flying Tiona. You have an 8 year old!!! And guess what, he looks like you just a tiny bit!!! Cole is your twin.

  • Mama C

    My handsome grandson! Wow it’s hard to believe that Jason is 8 years old! Look at how he’s grown!

  • Theresa

    Jason – you are growing up too fast!!! Based on that smile, I can tell that you had a wonderful birthday!

  • naki

    dear jason–can you use those balloons and come fly over to my house to play? i miss you.

  • Patty Miller

    Aww, look what a big boy he is! I bet he had a blast! We miss you!

  • Calli Lauren

    Happy belated birthday, Jason! Wow, you are really handsome:o) If your mother needs a girl to pose opposite you in your photos, I’m available.


  • Lisa

    Jason, you have grown so much right before my eyes! I’m so proud of you! Looks like you had an awesome birthday! Stay cool and handsome! You’ve gotta come hang out with Justin. He’d love to play you in a game of hoops!

  • Thank you for all of these comments. I did have a good birthday and I hope to see you soon!


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