February 26, 2013

Meet Maisha Cottman, owner and cake designer at House of Madison Dessert Boutique. Maisha creates delicious cakes and desserts that are also a feast for the eyes!

maisha cottman, House of Madison Dessert Boutique

A little about Maisha

I am originally from the Bronx, but our family relocated to Charlotte when I was pretty young, so that’s where I consider home. Since 1994, I have lived in Durham, Miami, Baltimore and finally returned to my Charlotte roots in 2009. I am not married, but accepting applications and while I don’t have any children, I love being an auntie to my dear niece who looks enough like me to pass as my own child.

My background in biomedical engineering draws me to all things technical, health and science-related. I also have a welcome addiction to salsa dancing and enjoy learning about various cultures.

Tell us about House of Madison Dessert Boutique

House of Madison Dessert Boutique is a marriage between my passion for food and my love of art. I’ve had no formal culinary training but I come from a family of amazing chefs who have shown me the ropes in the kitchen and my natural talent for sketching and sculpting has helped me develop my cake decorating skills. When baking reality TV shows like “Ace of Cakes” and “Cake Boss” surfaced, I convinced myself that I could make similar cakes that tasted as good as they looked and began testing recipes and designs on my family and friends.

In the summer of 2011, I started my own home-based bakery, named after my little helper and taste-testing niece, Madison. We specialize in all-occasion cake, cupcake and cookie creations that are so uniquely tailored to our clients’ interests that I refer to them as dessert couture.

maisha cottman, House of Madison Dessert Boutique

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

When I’m not baking or dancing, I love spending time with my family and close friends, traveling, volunteering, shopping, crafting and eventually relaxing.

Do you have hidden talents?

I’m a classically trained pianist and I’ve been known to belt out a country tune or two at Karaoke night.

Coffee or Tea?


Morning person or night person?

I tend to be wired all day and night long

Do you have a favorite dish to cook?

Tequila-lime chicken with saffron rice and fried plantain

Here are some of the gorgeous desserts that are created at House of Madison Dessert Boutique:

maisha cottman, House of Madison Dessert Boutique


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