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May 06, 2013

Meet Jayla Watson, fashion vlogger! Jayla is the youngest inspiring lady that I’ve featured so far!

jayla_glamaholic54_2web A little about Jayla

I’m a high school senior in Durham, North Carolina. Along with taking traditional high school classes, I am also in cosmetology school. This coming fall I will be going to college out-of-state and majoring in fashion merchandising. Last summer I attended LIM (Laboratory Institute of Merchandising) in Manhattan, NY, where I studied fashion photography and participated in behind the scenes fashion field trips. I met some amazing people that made me go from just loving fashion to wanting a career in fashion.

It’s incredible that you’ve been able to reach so many people! How are you inspiring others through fashion?

I am known as GlamAholic54 on YouTube. I create videos about my fashion buys, the latest trends, and how I style them. Living in a town where fashion isn’t at the forefront, I needed somewhere to express myself. I currently express my passion for fashion to my audience of over 25,000 subscribers. I would say YouTube is half hobby and half job. It’s honestly not as easy as it looks, but I wouldn’t change it at all. I have had some amazing opportunities working with online fashion retail sites and have even meet some really cool boutique owners.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I do a little bit of everything in my spare time. I’m either…

  • Reading a book
  • Recording or editing a video
  • Planning new videos
  • Styling outfits for videos
  • Answering emails
  • Working on my online site (coming soon!)
  • Styling hair
  • Painting my nails
  • EATING 🙂
  • Hanging out with my friends

Have you ever been told you look like someone famous? Who?

Yes, some people have said that I look like Tiffany Evans.

Jayla is on Instagram!

For inspiration and OOTD (outfit of the day) photos, follow Jayla on instagram.

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